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Bold Brows Online

For New or Experienced Microblading Artists…

Do You Have Competition For Microblading Clients?

Is it getting harder and harder to stay ahead and compete?

So what do you do to stay ahead of your competition?  You upgrade your basic PhiBrows microblading skills to Bold Brows to stay ahead of your competition. Regardless, of whether that competition is from other PhiBrows artists or the many “other” microblading artists working in your town.

What are Bold Brows?

The Bold Brows microblading technique is PhiAcademy’s most realistic and beautiful microblading technique….the strokes are different from the classic PhiBrows method because the strokes are formed in curved and twisted “hairs” in combination with mini strokes, to create that beautiful volumizing effect.

Once you go BOLD you will never go back, and your clients will love their more realistic looking eyebrows.

The Good News – As a current certified PhiBrows Artist you already have great fundamental skills. This will substantially shorten the time it takes to master each level and allow you to move quickly through the Craft Master Pro app (you remember Craft Master – right?).  Once completed you become an official PhiAcademy Bold Brows Artist.

The time is NOW to step up and be BOLD.

You can very likely be the first PhiBrows artist in your town to receive the Bold Brows certification and listing on the World Map.

You would then have two PhiAcademy microblading designations. Some of you may also already have other PhiAcademy certifications – (congrats on your hard work by the way)

You keep your current PhiBrows listing and add the Bold Brows Artist certification to your listing.

See the example PhiAcademy World Artist Map listing …. 

– The Best News

Bold Brows Online training is effectively only $600, after taking out the value of the included student kit. 

For most PhiArtists that is probably around 1 client

You receive a fully equiped PhiAcademy Student kit with $1,200 worth of supplies, pigments and microblading tools, etc. See the complete kit here. Go ahead and add it up on PhiShop, I have, and it is $1,200+ of what you need to microblade dozens of clients.  The Online training is only $1,800 which includes the $1,200 kit and 6 months of Craft Master Pro app support, filled with lectures, photos and videos to bring you up to speed.   PayPal offers financing with approved credit.

As a certified PhiBrows Artist it is very unlikely it will take you 6 months to pass all the levels. Which is great, since you still have full access to my feedback for the remaining time for all client photos you submit, something I highly recommend you take advantage of. Most PhiBrows artist will only need to take the online training to upgrade to Bold Brows.



Do You Dream Of Moving Up the Pyramid? 


As most of you know PhiBrows, with very few exceptions is not making new PhiBrows Masters in most countries.


No one, including myself, can promise you will be able to move up from Artist to Royal Artist, to Master Assistant or become a Craft Master, you must be good, frankly very good. Oppportunities in life come and go. Those who take action fast are generally the ones rewarded the most. The first step here, is to become a Bold Brows artist. 


As of now, there currently is room for Bold Brows Artist to grow.  I am living proof, having gone from student to Master.


 Your 4 options to get started are in the chart below


**Requires successfully passing all levels in the Craft Master Pro App  

Need More Information On How You Will Benefit?

Not a problem.  Just call to have a candid conversation about how Bold Brows training improved my microblading skills and business and how it can change yours too. There is no pressure and no obligation, we are all part of the same PhiAcademy family after all.  In addition to teaching as a PhiAcademy Master, I run a very successful local microblading / permanent makeup business with hundreds and hundreds of 5 Star Reviews.  You can see my work at

My goal is not just to motivate you for a few days or weeks as you move through my training and Craft Master with me…. but to help you grow and thrive as a friend, a great microblading artist and successful business owner.

Call now 888-440-4755, or if ready you can sign up for the online course & kit with the PayPal link above. We’ll get you added to the Craft Master Pro app and ship your kit out normally the next business day.

I look forward to working with you.

PhiAcademy Bold Brows Master Alesya Mulholland