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Etalon Mix Hybrid Series Set


Etalon Mix  eyebrow pigment set of 5:  Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Cognac, Brown and Bitter Chocolate  5 ml. bottles

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Etalon Mix Hybrid Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Pigment Set

Mini-set Hybrid Series:

  • Mix No. 1  Hazelnut
  • Mix No. 2  Milk Chocolate
  • Mix No. 3  Cognac
  • Mix No. 4  Brown
  • Mix No. 5  Bitter Chocolate

5 bottles of 5 ml each

Etalon Mix pigments are made from high quality dyes, have a balanced, homogeneous structure, The pigment enters into the skin smoothly to help to obtain  excellent healed results – an even tone and even fading over time.

Mix # 1 Hazelnut:  A yellow-brown base. Universal shade for Fitzpatrick 1 to 4  type of skin. Heals a warm brown when lightly applied and gray-brown when applied heavier.  Combines well with #3 Cognac, # 5 Bitter Chocolate and # 6 Espresso

Mix # 2 Milk Chocolate: An orange base. For red haired ladies or to update cooler shades. The warmest of the brown shades. Combines well with # 5 Bitter Chocolate and # 7  Black Rum

Mix # 3 Cognac: Warm Brunette. a red-brown base. For olive skin and overlapping of green eyebrows. Works beautifully for shaded gradient with # 5 Dark Chocolate, or a “trio” of # 1 Hazelnut, # 3 Cognac and # 5 Bitter (Dark) Chocolate.  The best combination: # 1 Hazelnut and # 4 Brown

Mix # 4 Dark Brown.  Blonde. A yellow cool base.  Lighter shade for Fitzpatrick 1 to 2.  Covers warm red eyebrows.  Shading the lightest part of the gradient.  Best combination # 3 Cognac or # 5 Milk Chocolate

Mix # 5 Bitter Chocolate. The coolest and darkest of the browns.  Heals medium brown when lightly applied and heals graphite when applied heavier.  Shading in the darkest part of the gradient. Best combination is # 2 Milk Chocolate, # 1 Hazelnut or a “trio” of # 1 Hazelnut, # 3 Cognac and # 5 Bitter Chocolate

by; Albina Lazareva

Cruelty Free – not tested on animals

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