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Etalon Mix Number 3 Cognac


Etalon Mix Number 3 Cognac / Warm Brunette  Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Pigment

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Eyebrow Mix №3 “Cognac / Warm Brunette”

Mix #3 “Cognac” (warm brunette)

– red-brown base;

– for olive skin and overlapping of green eyebrows;

– beautiful on the shadows in a gradient with Dark Chocolate No. 5 or “trio”: Hazelnut No. 1, Cognac No. 3 and Dark Chocolate No. 5;

– the best combination: Hazelnut No. 1 and Light Brown No. 4;


Etalon Mix pigments are made from high quality dyes, have a balanced, homogeneous structure, fit well into the skin and help to get an excellent result – an even tone and even fading over time.

Available in 15ml and 5 ml bottles

by: Albina Lazareva

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5 ml, 15 ml