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Liquid Laser


Liquid Laser 3 ml bottle

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LIQUID LASER:  White Bottle 3ml

Boost your remover results!

Helps to activate the work of the remover (used as an additional tool at the end of the work with the remover or immediately after the removal procedure)

Additionally promotes the extraction of pigment from the skin

Promotes skin regeneration

Suitable for working with saline and glycolic removers.

Cosmetic product for lightening and neutralizing the color of permanent makeup based on fermented celandine oil and direct celandine extract

Ingredients: Water, Extra virgin olive oil extract “Natcom” celandine in tch. direct celandine extract, brightening composition incl. hydroxy propionic, hydroxy acetic acids, solution of alpha-lipoic acid (vitamin N) and its hydroxy alkylammonium salt hydroxypropyl guar, sodium hyaluronate, Natcom mineral complex (carbon: activated carbon, charcoal, sodium chloride), triglyceride complex of alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids (vitamin F ), stabilized with alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol, propylene glycol no more than 0.7%, glycerin no more than 0.4%, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (ascorbic acid), neutralizers, incl. TEA, DEA no more than 0.1% perfume composition no more than 0.01%, patchouli essential oil no more than 0.001%